and still the dahlias bloom…


On October 1, 1912 my Aunt Medora wrote to my grandmother:  There are loads of dark red dahlias, some brown ones, pink ones and a few white ones; then some nasturtiums and roses.  Except for the “brown ones,” she could have been writing about our garden on this very day 107 years later!

White Dahlias

But, at that particular writing, Medora was not at home in Oysterville; she was in Olympia checking on the house the family would soon move into in anticipation of Papa’s first term as Senator.  Medora, the oldest of the seven Espy children,  was now in high school and, so as not to miss any classes, she was boarding with a classmate’s family for a few months ahead of the Espys’ arrival.  As it turned out, twelve-year old Medora was of great help in getting rental house “ready” by their  move-in day.  But that’s another story…

Red Dahlias

It’s the flowers in that long-ago early October garden that I was reminded of today.  I was out in our garden early.  The grass crunched underfoot and the air was decidedly nippy.  After I checked on the girls and collected one warm brown egg (dawn delivery!), I took a little walkabout to see how the flowers were holding up.

Pink Dahlias and Dorothy Perkins Roses

That’s when I was reminded of that century-old description by Medora.  Some things don’t change — or at least they haven’t yet.  The dahlias and nasturtiums and roses are still blooming here in Washington on this first day of October.  At least they are in Oysterville, and I have no doubt that Olympia is enjoying similar garden bouquets!  Thank goodness!


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  1. Beloved Cuz, I am still in thrall to the fabulous Event! What a wonderful time we all had! So joyous, so much fun, so completely MEMORABLE!!! Thank you with all my heart,
    Love, KK

  2. Marion says:

    Yes definitely the dahlias here at our home in Olympia are still quite nice. Picked a big bouquet of them a couple of days ago. Glad the frost didn’t bother them as we had one every morning for 3 days earlier in the week. I can just imagine your nice walk out in your yard early this morning with the dew on the grass and the quiet of the morning looking over your flower garden. And then no less picking up a nice fresh egg.

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