A Three-Egg Morning

Our Place During State of Emergency

We woke up to a light dusting of snow here in Oysterville and to the news that Governor Inslee has declared a state of emergency for all of Washington.  Winter Storm Maya is the culprit but, this time, Oysterville appears to be located in some sort of banana belt.  It’s windy out but, otherwise, nothing in comparison to the five or six inches of snow that blanketed us earlier this week.

However, the porch thermometer said 32º Fahrenheit and I hadn’t closed up the coop door last night.  All of which translates thusly:  the chickens (and roosters) are out in the run, their water may be frozen, and I need to take a steaming teakettle down and bravely go where only Helen Dietz has gone before.

I put on my down vest and barn coat over my bathrobe, slipped on my knitted hat (thanks again, Rosemary!), scooped up a can of scratch, shoved my bare feet into my boots, and ventured forth.  The wind was wicked and the footing a bit treacherous, but nothing like the icy aftermath of our last snowfall.  I made it to the coop in short order, only to find that the puddles in the run and the water in the trough were not frozen after all.  Yay!

Black Rooster Poised to Protect

The boys and girls were all huddled under the coop but came out to greet me.  Make that ‘to threaten me’ in the case of that evil black rooster.  I chose not to risk going inside the run.  I just tossed the scratch in through the chicken wire ceiling.  I was so relieved not to have to fend off the inevitable rooster attack, I didn’t even mind the scratch blowback from that relentless wind!

Best of all – there were three eggs in the nest boxes!  Good girls!  Working right through that state of emergency!  They should get a special commendation from the Governor, doncha think?

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