Yesterday: A Perfect Winter Day!

Our South Garden

We woke up to a frosty white world – five or six inches of snow blanketed Oysterville.  And, by mid-morning the sky was blue and here we were surrounded by a winter wonderland!  Perfect!

For dinner – two of the biggest, sweetest, fullest Dungeness crabs you’ve ever seen!  The bounty of Willapa Bay, brought to us ‘on the hoof’ by a crabber friend and cooked on a hot plate in our kitchen garden following my grandmother’s recipe of a hundred years ago.  They were perfect!

Nyel Digs In

Truly, winter days don’t get much better than yesterday was!  Not for this former California girl who isn’t a fan of freezing weather and snowy sports.  But…  truly, the day was a feast from beginning to end and I think I’m good now, at least winter weather-wise.  I hope Punxsutawney Phil is right – an early spring!

As for the crab part – I wish our local crabbers a long and fruitful season!  I, for one, could manage a dinner like last night’s many more times before those pesky quotas are reached.  Absolute perfection!

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  1. I like your world better than my world. I looked outside the window and groaned. Thought of all those workers scrapping windshields and putting on snow chains. I’m retired, too, but the memories of work have stayed with me. I need to think, “play.”

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