A Nightmare of Continuing Confusion

You know those nightmarish dreams where you are trying desperately to get somewhere but there are no familiar landmarks and no one to help?  Usually, there is a sense of urgency connected — like you are being chased or there is a terrifying and omnipresent danger that you must escape.  In real life that scenario is called St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Yesterday, there was a lot of flurry and scurry in Nyel’s room.  The Care Manager came in to say that the Ocean Beach Hospital had a swing bed ready for him and he’d be leaving at 10:00 this morning.  We told her that we had transport ready for Nyel (in the form of our friend Bill and his van) but she said he would need to be medically transported by ambulance.  The expense (perhaps as much as $6,000) would be ours.  We said, “Impossible.  As in you can’t get blood out of a turnip.”  She asked us what our income is.

A few minutes later she said she had managed to get a “scholarship” and the transport would be paid for.  Yay!  The hospitalist came in and said that all systems were go.  Nyel would be outta here Wednesday and he shook hands with each of us and said all the right things. In the evening, I packed up some of Nyel’s belongings and notified Guest Housing that I wouldn’t be staying after last night.

Wound Vac Image From Internet

Wound Vac Image From Internet

By this morning the game plan had changed…once again.  Nyel’s surgeon had come in early, said he had not been kept in the loop, had not reviewed Nyel’s”progress,” and did not like the looks of how the wound vac was working  Next the case manager (a new one) came in and said that, come to find out, the doctor at Ocean Beach had not yet reviewed Nyel’s case and so, although there was a swing bed ready for him, he had not yet been “accepted” as a patient.  Transport would be delayed until 2:00.

Meanwhile… Nyel’s blood pressure had taken a dive and for that reason the hospitalist weighed in again.  He made some changes to Nyel’s meds and said he would not be discharging Nyel today.  Maybe not until tomorrow.  (No handshaking.) About then, the case manager was back.  “Bad news.  Ocean Beach will not accept Nyel.  They don’t have experience with wound vacs.  How about the Providence rehab facility at Seaside?”

Wound Vac Check

We (probably mostly me; Nyel doesn’t have the energy) are totally bummed.  Everything is understandable but why in the world did they jump the gun so badly yesterday?   Was it a streak of deliberate cruelty on  the part of the staff?  Or systemic ineptness?  Whatever the reason, it’s par for the course for this damned place.  I’m only sorry that the Seaside facility is also part of the Providence “family.”  There are some families you just don’t want to be part of.

4 Responses to “A Nightmare of Continuing Confusion”

  1. John Snyder says:

    So sorry. This seems impossible. He looked so good in December.

  2. mary g says:

    I hope they realize that this is being publicly documented. It can’t be to their advantage to having all these mishaps (!) exposed.

  3. Valerie Harrison says:

    I’m so sorry for you guys. A case that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

  4. Andrea Patten says:

    So sorry also for all your endless caretaking, Sidney ;( That has to totally wear you out…not to mention Nyel!!

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