When being underfoot is a good thing…

There’s nothing like a new carpet to spiff up a room!  I was a little fearful between the placing-the-order part and the fait accompli part.  Would it be too dark in color?  Would the entire room seem gloomy, especially during these dark days of winter?  Would the deeper pile seem too modern for the room?

No, no, and no are the answers to those questions.    By 4:30 yesterday the carpet laying was complete and the heavy furniture was back in place – bed assembled (though not yet ‘made’), bureaus, table, chifferobe, and fainting couch all in their proper places.  While Chef Nyel prepared dinner, I returned ‘the small stuff,’ delighting in uncluttering the hallway and east room as I worked.  By dinnertime, we were back to normal.  The New Normal!  And we are inordinately pleased!

When it was time to change into our kiss-and-lie-down clothes and our bare toes buried themselves in the newer, deeper-than-before pile, I briefly thought that maybe I should just skip the bed part of a good night’s rest.  So cushy!  So soft!  So inviting!

This morning, I realized that we haven’t really seen this new look in the bright light of day.  Not yet.  Probably not for a while.  It’s overcast and rainy out and the house feels dim, even with the electric lights blazing.  No worries, though.  Bring on the sunshine!  The only downside to the spiffy new avocado green carpet may be seeing it clearly in comparison to that sad excuse for a winter-lawn outside.  Hmmm…  Perhaps another project in the making.

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