Waiting for Grass to Grow

Meadow in Spring

Halfway between our east garden fence and the bay is the swath of land we’ve always called “the meadow.”  Not ‘The Meadow’ across from the Little Red (now Gray) Cottage.  That meadow was once owned by my grandfather and was where he grew hay.  No, the meadow east of our house was pasture for a horse or two and now is just a pleasant open space, ideal for bird-watching.

In the fall, after the nesting birds have vacated, we have the meadow mowed.  It then puddles up, sometimes to pond proportions, and the ducks and brant and other waterfowl have their meetings there.  The eagles perch in the Monterey cypress trees nearby watching for voles and field mice and, often, a red-tailed hawk works the area – back and forth, forth and back in big lazy circles.

Bear in the Meadow

In late spring, when the rains abate and the meadow dries out, the grass begins to grow again.  Now, in mid-May, it is a luxuriant expanse of green and you can almost hear those stalks heading skyward.  By summer, the grass will be taller than the kids at the Red House –  my seventh generation Espy cousins.  Great cover for sneaking over to our house and checking out the nest boxes at the coop.  It’s in summer that some of the native grasses develop their red tops from which the sign on our house, TSAKO-TE-HAHSH-EETLE (place of the red-topped grass) gets its name.

Meanwhile…to the north of our house is a huge of expanse of plain old brown dirt.  I wish I could say that I’m watching it and waiting for the grass to grow.  But, so far, we haven’t even seeded it.  We are waiting for “the inspector” who must okay the work of the electricians who dug the trench for the connections to the new septic system which is under that fallow brown dirt.  Once the inspection is made, the trench can be filled in, and the seeding can take place.

Waiting to be Planted

I feel like all of the above paragraph could become a song and end with “…and the green grass grows all around, all around, and the green grass grows all around.”

2 Responses to “Waiting for Grass to Grow”

  1. lee ellis says:

    be sure to spray with a pre-emergent herbicide targeted at the broad-leaved weeds that will probably pop up before the inspector shows up.

  2. sydney says:

    Thanks for the tip, Lee. Do you have a specific herbicide you could recommend? It’s been more than ten days now and that Inspector isn’t yet in sight. I think we’d better get busy to stave off the weed onslaught!

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