The three Rs — Resolve, Review, Regroup


There were four candidates we felt passionate about – Pam Nogueira Maneman, Debbie Oakes, Robin Souvenir, and Carolyn Long.  With all but the mail-in ballots counted this morning, Debbie and Robin have won, but not Pam and Carolyn.  I am totally ecstatic and totally disconsolate at the same time.

It’s a difficult set of emotions, but I’m sure there are many others feeling similarly.  The morning after elections is never for the faint of heart.  Not for the candidates, certainly, and not for their supporters.  It’s a day when Resolve-with-a-Capital R needs to take front and center – Resolve by the winners to carry out their campaign promises and Resolve by the losers to continue working toward the next election opportunity.  Too, I think the other R words will kick in soon – Review and Regroup.  What could we supporters have done better?  How can we organize for what comes next?   And how can we be helpful in the meantime?


It’s times like this that I really question my proclivity towards the cup being half empty.  I tend to want to wallow in the coulda, shoulda, woulda points of view instead of rejoicing in some of the good news statistics – record voter turnout for a mid-term, a change in the color of the House of Representatives, a number of gubernatorial upsets, and probably more.  I am torn between wanting to stay glued to the news and wanting to just tend to the chickens and rejoice in our newly mowed lawn (thanks Beach Time Landscaping!). Today is one of those days that I’m so glad we live far from that madding crowd.

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