The Color of Monday

At Kevin’s Memorial

For all the years I was working, I thought of Monday as a day of new beginnings.  In the school environment where Monday is the first day of the week, it’s the day for getting the new list of spelling words; the day for new projects to begin; the day for looking forward to next steps.  In my teacher-mind, Mondays were always sunshine yellow.

Now… their color varies.  Retirement causes the days to lose their distinctive character.  One day often fades into the next and, for me, Mondays are defined and remembered more by what happened the weekend just preceding.  If it was a quiet weekend, Mondays are often an energetic red.   If Saturday and Sunday were busy with activity, Monday might be a calming blue or peaceful green.

As far as the eye could see.

Today is the Monday after Kevin Soule’s Celebration of Life.  And it’s the Monday after the silent auction at the Shelburne for the Pacific County Immigrant Support organization. On this day, the color is fractured… like reflections in water.  Tear-stained cheeks, arms opened in hugs, smiles of greeting, heads bowed in prayer – bits and pieces of imagery with an overlay of bright colors and soft music and the generosity of giving hearts and hands.  Hundreds and hundreds of reflections.

It’s a day meant for contemplation and regrouping and I can’t quite wrap my mind around its color.   I just know it’s not sunshiny yellow.  Not this Monday.  Not yet.

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  1. Beloved Cuz, maybe it’s richly purple! A combination of your lovely blues and reds… don’t forget your rain hat is always ready to put on, and it’s definitely YELLOW! Love today and always… KK

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