The Bully Boys on the Hill

I’m not a particular fan of Mark Zuckerberg’s and I have a rather ho-hum relationship with Facebook.  Nevertheless, I had a hard time sitting through the news last night. Watching forty-four senators take Zuckerberg to task after months of their routinely ignoring the atrocities committed by the man in the White House seemed wrong, wrong, wrong.  It felt like bullying to me.

Just the fact that two full committees were giving Mr. Z their undivided attention while the president has skated on just about everything was enough to set my teeth on edge.  And, I kept waiting for those oh-so-serious lawmakers to give one tiny indication that perhaps, just perhaps, any of us Facebook users had any responsibility in any of it. – But no.  We weren’t mentioned.  Obviously, we are to be talked about, lamented over, and defended whether we, ourselves are culpable or not. Do they even realize that we can unfriend and unFace if we so choose?  We can’t do much about Syria and China and North Korea. It was beyond annoying.

So much “concern” over my privacy.  And yours.  Could those empty suits (as my friend Tricky calls most of our public ‘servants’) work up that much concern over gun control or immigration or tariffs or the gazillion dollar national debt?  Could they confront ‘the leader of the free world’ with the same unbending seriousness that they gave to Mr. Z.? Why is it that my “privacy” on FaceBook matters more than does my safety in a mall or a school or a church?  Why does my “privacy” matter more than the plight of my neighbors who are being arrested for seeking refuge in this “land of the free.”

What a crock.  I wish I could wave my magic wand and banish the whole Congressional kit and caboodle off to cyberspace.  They could spend eternity worrying about one another’s privacy issues and we could find someone else to stand by and watch Mr. T self-destruct.

If wishes were porn stars…

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  1. Nora Durst says:

    Well said Sydney.

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