On Being a Food Attack Heiress

Although I haven’t had much experience in the matter, I think that being a beneficiary is probably always a good thing.  And there’s no think about it when it comes to being the beneficiary of one of Nyel’s Food Attacks.  ‘Good’ is a foregone conclusion!  Take yesterday, for instance.

I was buried in cranberries and computers most of the day but when I surfaced in the mid-afternoon I found that Nyel was in the midst of a full-blown food attack.  He was studying a cookbook, had various dinner components sliced, herbed, spiced and ready to pop into the oven and there was a teeny tiny bread pan with a freshly baked loaf of wheat bread cooling.  Wow!

Undoubtedly it was Easter that prompted all this activity.  We had talked about Easter dinners of yore – lamb roasts and spiral baked hams and the ill-advised time my mother decided that rabbit was the way to go.  (None of us could get over the vision of eating the Easter Bunny.  It was dreadful!)  We had decided that since it was just the two of us this year, we’d have lamb chops.  Close enough.

They were to be accompanied by small red potatoes, cut into quarters, slathered with butter and baked-then-broiled until crispy on the outside and (and this is where the cookbook came in) Petits Pois Etuvés au Beurre à la Julia Child.  I had expressed a hankerin’ for that particular veggie, remembering that I had made it back in the sixties when I was undergoing my own food attack and Mastering the Art of French Cooking was (briefly) my Bible.  As I recalled, the recipe involved petite peas, pearl onions and fresh mint.

The wheat bread wasn’t part of the ‘plan’ and seeing it was the main clue that Nyel was in the throes of a cooking extravaganza.  He loves to eat bread, loves to bake bread, and is especially fond of wheat bread.  Since whole wheat and I don’t see eye-to-eye, this was a treat all for himself and the best evidence I could hope for that he’s feeling pretty good these days.

I cannot describe how delicious it all was.  And those peas!  I could just hear Julia saying in her distinctive, throaty voice… bon appétit

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