MartaRoonieBobs: Girl After My Own Heart

Marta at Five

Marta came into my life in 1959.  She was five-going-on-fifteen; I was twenty-three-going-on… about the same.  Her dad brought her to the little cottage on Henry Street, Berkeley, where Charlie and I lived.  It was May 30th and we were celebrating Charlie’s third birthday!

I don’t think there has ever been a year since that long-ago party that Marta and I haven’t spent at least a little time together — school holidays and vacations during the years I was married to her father and, after that, Christmases, family get-togethers, perhaps a rendezvous for dinner, and once a  tour of England in a VW bug with Charlie and my folks, all our luggage and… did Marta have her guitar?

Charlie and Marta, Christmas 2017

This Christmas, though, has been the longest time we’ve spent under the same roof in decades.  Three weeks of fun, laughter, heart-to-hearts, even a tear or two!  I have been reminded over and over again of the little girl, the teenager, the young rock star — all the faces of Marta that I have known through the years.  And, from the beginning, she’s had that uncanny ability to know the right thing to say, the perfect words to smooth over any ‘situation,’  just the right way to divert or to distract or to zero in on the heart of the matter.  Where did that come from, Rooners?  You’ve always been wise beyond your years.

Marta, Christmas 2017

She tells me that I’m the one that named her “Rooney” but neither of us knows why or remembers when.  She tells me that my wardrobe in the sixties and seventies — Carnaby Street and mini-skirts and granny dresses — influenced her sense of style. I love the thought though I can’t imagine that it’s altogether true.  No matter!  I want to be just like her when I grow up!  And I hope it’s still vice-versa!

Today we are off for the Portland Airport to say our goodbyes until next time. I’m hoping for a summer visit but that’s the busiest time for her new pet-care business.  Whenever it is, I know it will be a time full of activity and energy and getting things done.  MartaRooneyBobs is just that kind of gal!   How in the world did I get so lucky?


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  1. Rebecca Fontana says:

    Touched my heart ?? Our children are born from the heart not necessarily from our bodies.

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