Lucky Me!

Nyel, the Birthday Boy

Months ago, when I asked Nyel what he wanted to do for his 75th birthday, I knew I was taking my chances.  It would have been safer just to plan a surprise party or an outing to a wait-and-see destination but, over the years, we’ve done a number of those for one another.  It felt like this one should be something planned by the Birthday Boy himself.

His choice: dinner at Portland’s very spiffy Ringside Steakhouse and overnight at the Benson Hotel with all its beguiling amenities. Perfect!  I couldn’t have chosen better myself.  “And…” he said and I thought oh-oh here it comes – the part I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams… “I’d like to visit a few Goodwill stores while we’re in the area”.

Sydney, The Lucky Wife

Actually, when I think of it, those celebratory selections are the quintessential Nyel.  He loves elegance.  Dressing for dinner, waiters in tuxes, the old-fashioned charm of a classic hotel complete with breakfast brought to your room with linens and dome-covered dishes. And he couldn’t be happier than when he is poking through a junk store or on a sartorial quest in a gently used clothing store.  (Right now, the search is on for vests.)

We got to town in time to have lunch at Ya Hala, a wonderful Lebanese restaurant in our friend Maggie’s neighborhood.  Maggie is in recovery mode after serious surgery and so we paid her a visit armed with the restaurant’s fabulous bread and humus.  I’m pleased to report that her recovery is going splendidly!  She is already plotting and planning her next trip to the beach, though that won’t happen for a while yet.

All-in-all, I’m pleased to report that Nyel’s 75th was a success all the way around!  And, we both agree that this one deserves celebrating for an entire year – maybe not on such a grand scale, but with something unexpected and unusual every single month.  Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

3 Responses to “Lucky Me!”

  1. Lona Niemi says:

    I couldn’t be more in agreement than celebrating every month. Nytel’s 75th would be the very thing I would like. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy belated birthday

  2. Great story on your birthday celebration with Nyel! Looks like fun had by all!

  3. Dian Schroeder says:

    Happy Birthday Nyel. Celebrate life as often as you can is my motto, no special occasion required. Special occasions just require BIGGER CELEBRATIONS. :-)

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