…here comes Farmer Nyel!

Scootin’ Along!

Little did we think that Nyel would be reverting to childhood in quite this way but…  Yesterday, the physical therapist brought him a knee scooter to try out and on Tuesday good old UPS will be delivering an All-Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter!  Color: blue.  No tools required for assembly.

“Are you pushing me?” he kept asking.  “No,” we all said.  “You’re totally on your own!”

“Is this hallway slanted downhill?” he asked.  And we laughed.

Up and down the hall he went like a kid with a new toy!  It was the highpoint of this hospital episode for sure and, when he got back to the room and settled into bed, he immediately asked for his cell phone.  Amazon.com will be providing Nyel with an early Christmas present.

Nyel’s New Toy

Among other things, if the customer reviews are to be believed, he should have no trouble going down to the chicken coop and back.  Wow!  Being a one-legged farmer shouldn’t slow him down a bit!

However… no scooting around quite yet.  After his first follow-up visit to his Rebound doctor will be time enough to transition from wheelchair to KneeRover.  Meanwhile, there will be lots of “bed rest” and leg elevation and wheelchair transfers and meals on trays…  Another adventure about to begin!  (And if I behave myself, maybe he’ll let me take a ride on that scooter!)

4 Responses to “…here comes Farmer Nyel!”

  1. I was hoping that Nyel would be a candidate for one of these knee scooters! My daughter used one for several months after foot surgery and it made life so much nicer for her than having to use crutches. I hope Nyel lets you take it for a ride! And give him my best wishes for a speedy recovery for him.

  2. Valerie Harrison says:

    So glad he is coming home. I told Phil yesterday about his fall.

  3. Betty/Jan Paxton says:

    We were discussing this scooter the other day! Glad he can use one eventually. Meanwhile, don’t you wear yourself out pushing, pulling, transferring, etc. , Sydney!! We’ll continue our prayers for both of you! ??

  4. Nanci main says:

    So happy for this news.
    Onward and upward!

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