Get ready! She’s on her way!

Early Morning Fog Bank

She’s not due to arrive until March 20th – almost two weeks away.  Yet we saw her striding boldly toward the Peninsula as we drove up and back from Seattle yesterday.  Lady Spring!  She’s on her way for sure.

We saw her as we rounded the head of the bay at first light, hidden in the deep fog bank that hung above the Naselle River.  We saw her in the bright squinty sun that tried to blind us as we headed north on 101 out of Raymond.  We saw her in the cloudless blue sky in Seattle – a sky which I’d have sworn is always gray.  And we saw her in the glory of snow-covered Mt. Rainier as we headed home in the afternoon.

Glorious Mt. Rainier

Unbelievably, it was still bright daylight when we rolled into Oysterville at five o’clock.  The days truly are getting longer – even without Daylight Savings time which doesn’t begin until Sunday.  And, to top off this glorious day, the daffodils by our old gazebo were smiling a springtime welcome as we went out to check on the chickens.

I’ve seen several online articles lately about “getting ready” for spring.  One was titled “The 16 Easiest Ways to Get Your House Ready for Spring.”  OMG!  Sixteen?  Another, “5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring.”  That sounds better.  And then “6 Tips to Get Your Body Ready for Spring.”  Frankly, I don’t even want to know…

Cheerful Daffodils

I’m absolutely a-tremble with eagerness – body, mind, spirit and all.  I am so very ready.  Bring on the sunshine!  And the flowers!  And that lovely green haze of the waking alder trees!  As for the house and garden, I expect they’ll limp along as usual.  Or maybe energy and enthusiasm will arrive on March 20th right along with Lady Spring.  We can but hope!

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  1. Bruce jones says:

    Hope Springs eternal. Or Spring Hopes eternal. Or Spring and Hope go together eternally. Any way you slice it, Hope and Spring sure are nice to have around.

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