From Back Forty to Twenty-first Century

In a complete reversal of the usual order of things in this household, Nyel has been cleaning out files and reorganizing his ‘office’ which is actually my grandfather’s roll top desk in the corner of our East Room (read: Family Room.)  The desk is a handsome piece of furniture, seldom seen under the piles of papers, and trappings of modern office life like computers and printers.

One of the difficulties is that there isn’t a place in the desk, despite all its cubby holes and drawers, that will accommodate a modern file folder.  And, try as we might to do all our filing digitally, we still have numerous hard copies of documents and other important ‘stuff’ that has to go SOMEwhere.

I was out of the house most of yesterday and came home to find that Nyel had resurrected an old wooden file cabinet from our back forty and had placed it next to the roll top.  It’s a perfect fit and no doubt was what my grandfather used back in the day.  I remember my dad using it years ago, but neither Nyel nor I recall if we were the ones who relegated it to storage.  Right now, it is still empty and it may well be that when it gets put to use we’ll find that it really isn’t useful.  So… the jury is out on whether it is back inside to stay.

Along with the file cabinet, Nyel has revived an old globe that had also been removed from our (seemingly) endless trove of treasures from the past.  “Copyright by Replogle Globes, Inc. Chicago, Ill” it says but, even after a careful search with a magnifying glass, we could find no date.  However, there are numerous clues – Thailand is still named Siam, the USSR is still intact, Hawaii is still a Territory, Korea is not divided between North and South, and French West Africa still exists.

With a little bit of research, we could probably nail down the date.  We’re guessing sometime after World War II, but we’re not sure.  I’ve gone so far as to Google the Replogle Globe Company and find that “From its humble beginning in a Chicago apartment, Replogle today is the world’s largest globe manufacturer.”  The site also provides a chart that will help in determining the age of your old globe.  I wonder why they just didn’t date them like book publishers do…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze says:

    How very cool! I love wooden filing cabinets as well as old globes. I just like how they look and for finding the location of things with their current name, you have an atlas in your pocket all the time. Our downstairs bathroom and bedroom are travel themed and I bought a reproduction old globe! You are fortunate to have the real deal!

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