December 1st Again! and Here’s Hot Idea #2


Yep!  Here it is December 1st – and not for the first time this month, at least not according to my Oysterville Daybook blog.  As several people pointed out to me, yesterday was NOT December 1st as I so boldly proclaimed.  I was much relieved to learn that I was a day ahead of myself.  I feel like today is an “extra” which is not at all the way my calendar usually speeds by.

And, here I am – still thinking about Christmas giving.  This time, though, I am thinking about all of the questions I get throughout the year from Facebook readers who may or may not be my ‘friends.’  The queries come to me in the comment section of my blogsite and on FB, by email and sometimes even by snail mail.  They are almost always history-related, often about Oysterville, but usually about other matters of Pacific County’s past.

“Oysterville” – An Arcadia Publication

I’m flattered to think people assume I might know the answers but, truth to tell, I usually have to do a little research, even if it’s something I’ve written about. (The instant recall portion of my brain seldom kicks in these days and so it seems that I do a lot of reviewing – even of my own books! – to answer those questions).

Mostly, the questioners have never read my books.  (Some folks don’t even know I’ve written any.)  I’m not sure why they think I can answer their questions, but I find that my Teacher Hat is never far away and I must resist the urge to put it on and direct these people to do their homework!!  Or, in this case, do a little reading and finding out for themselves.

A WSU Press Publication

So… here’s my Hot Christmas Idea #2 – Treat yourself or a friend (or both) to a book about our area.  There are many of them – beginning with James Swan’s 1855 The Northwest Coast or Three Years’ Residence in Washington Territory and continuing right up to my 2018 Washington’s Cranberry Coast.

If you are particularly interested in the things I often blog about, I can tell you that I believe I have 18 books in print right now.  And don’t be fooled by my ABC series – they are not children’s books, as a quick glance will tell you.  They are simply books of basic information about subjects most Peninsula residents and visitors might be curious about.

My books are available at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum Bookstore, at Adelaide’s in Ocean Park, and at Oysterville Sea Farms in Oysterville, at Time Enough Books in Ilwaco and at the Cranberry Museum in Long Beach.  Or, many of them can be purchased directly from me and I’ll even personalize and sign them for you!  For a complete list of my books, check out my website at and then call or email if you’d like to arrange a purchase.

Introducing Mrs. Crouch

Giving a book about the history of this area for Christmas is not only “giving a gift that can be opened again and again” but it’s a way of connecting someone you care about with yet another of our area’s many dimensions.  What could be better?

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