By the time you are 149… !

Work In Progress

Even though we have been waiting eagerly for the painter to begin working on our house, seeing the leprous west façade as I returned home from erranding yesterday was a bit of a shock.  All I could think of was that old joke: “When you get to be forty, it’s patch…patch…patch.  By the time you are sixty, it’s PatchPatchPatchPatchPatch.”

Our house was built in 1869, so it stands to reason that it needs constant TLC.  Being 149 is nothing to sneeze at, even for a house.  And especially in our northwest coastal climate.  There is always something.  This year it’s painting parts of the west and south sides – the worst parts.  Which are actually the major parts of those particular sides.

More Work in Progress

Yesterday was pressure-wash-and-scrape day.  And, it was a day of reckoning because that’s the time when whatever is happening underneath the old paint comes to light. The siding on this house is redwood lumber from California.  It came up as ballast on an oyster schooner back in the early days and has lasted as well and as long as it has because redwood is quite impervious to bugs and rot.  But nothing lasts forever and a few problem areas were discovered. YIKES!

Once the house and its owners recover from this current trauma, I think we will begin planning a 150th Birthday Party.  I’m not exactly sure how one gives a party for a house or for any 150-year-old, for that matter.  Right now, my thought is that it should involve a big donation basket in preparation for the next 150 years!  Or… maybe just a cake.

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  1. Kevin Berry says:

    Looks like my house when I painted this past summer. You used the same words then–the new owner, and work in progress.

  2. sydney says:

    Hi Kevin — not sure what you mean. What were the “same words” that I used last summer? Words in my blog?

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