Basking in Spring’s Summer Sun

Basking Nyel

Sunday was a perfect day – weather-wise, Oysterville-wise, music-wise, friend-wise, and every other-wise.  For starters, we woke up with sunshine already streaming in our east windows and the sky remained blue and cloudless all day long.  (Well, that was my impression, but there might have been a bit of white puff here and there.)  It got to be 88° on our south porch but the breeze from the west kept all those “it’s a scorcher” remarks at bay.  So to speak.

As for the bay, itself – gorgeous with its own hint of summer.  On Saturday, Betsy’s Laser had come out of winter storage and gleamed, white-bottom-side-up, in front of our house at what has become known among the sailing set as the Oysterville Moorage.  Tucker had announced that the annual Oysterville Regatta will occur on August 17th and, already, summer seems imminent.

Sunday afternoon also marked our last House Concert of the season.  Double ‘J’ and the Boys arrived in new glitzy regalia and some of us wore our cowboy boots in their honor.  It was the first time (maybe) ever that I remember leaving the door open during our potluck dinner.  It’s not often it’s warm enough to eat outside in our garden, even in summer!  I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the folks who had taken their chairs out and were enjoying the ambiance of it all!

Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens

And, maybe to top it all off (and certainly to underscore Nyel’s continued good health) his All Time Favorite Nurse, Holly, came all the way from Vancouver. She and her husband Max and dogs Tater and Bear could only stay for a bit of the Concert. “Work tomorrow,” Holly said, which probably meant being at Legacy Emanuel at six ayem.  We loved seeing them and I couldn’t help thinking that our spectacular weather would surely bring them back soon!

Never mind that yesterday dawned overcast and gray and stayed that way all day.  Today promises to be the same.  But… we are in a summer frame of mind now and so we are going on a field trip!  Yes!  We’re going to the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens in Woodland.  We haven’t been for ages and it seems a fitting way to remind ourselves that, it truly is still Spring.

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