About The ‘Comes Around’ Part

Jason Derrey

You know the old saying… “What goes around comes around.”  Well, I’m not sure that’s the exact expression that describes my thoughts, but it’s close.  I’m talking about the surprising connections we make during the course of our lives – connections we don’t think much about at the time, but that make a big difference later on.

Take, for instance, the 1982-83 school year at Ocean Park School.  Jason Derrey was one of the kids in the third/fourth grade class that John Snyder and I (then, “Mrs. LaRue) team-taught.  Who would ever have imagined that, all these years later, Jason would be one of the EMTs to arrive when Nyel needed help Wednesday morning!  Jason was also on call yesterday when we asked for assistance transferring Nyel from car to house after his release from Peace Health hospital in Vancouver!

Did I recognize him?  Not at all!  Little chubby-cheeked boys change a lot in 35 years!  More than girls do, I think.  Even though Jason told me who he was on Wednesday, I had to ask again yesterday – just to make sure!  Lean, well-muscled, dark hair, mustache, – not until he smiles do I begin to recognize him!

Jason Derry – Top Picture, 2nd from left, Top Row

“Do you have good memories of that year?” I asked him. “Because I do.”  “Yes,” he said and began rattling off names of “kids” he’s still in touch with.  Come to think of it… so am I in touch with lots of kids from that year, at least to some degree.  Especially with those who have stayed in the community or whose parents I know.  And now, Jason!  What a pleasure!

But, at the same time, I feel like I’m in some parallel universe.  Jason says he has a twenty-one-year-old daughter (plus several other kids, but I got stuck on the ’21’.)  How could that possibly be?  Where did all those years go?  And how fabulous to call for help and have it arrive in the appearance of a former student!  I’m so happy to have had even a small part in Jason’s early years!  But it’s even better to see how he “turned out.”  I must get in touch with Mr. Snyder.  He’ll be as pleased as I am.

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