So Much for Feeling Smug!

Sydney Works Against Deadline, 1970

It doesn’t pay to relax for a minute.  Not for me.   Not when my writing is concerned.  But, it seems to be a lesson hard to come by and, once again, I am reviewing those same old Words to Live By – “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”  Or, in this case, until the paper comes out.

It’s Wednesday, August 2nd.  The first Wednesday of the month.  It is the day my column has been published in the Chinook Observer for the past five years.  It’s not a big deal, a once-a-month column.  Not like having a deadline every single week. (Or, god forbid, every day like in the Big City.)  With a month in between each column, I have the leisure to think about what I want to say and I have plenty of time to meet the ‘deadline’ which is the weekend before publication.  I usually try for Friday or Saturday and for half a decade all has been well.

Dinnertime at Emanuel Hospital 7/25/17

For this week, I chose to write about Pacific County’s proposed zoning change for Rural Residential and Rural Lands.  My column urged readers to attend tomorrow’s hearing on that issue – 6:00 p.m. at the Long Beach County building.  The decision that will ultimately be made will affect every single resident in Pacific County and I wanted to express a few words of concern.  In my column.  In today’s paper.

I wrote the column last week while sitting at Nyel’s bedside at Emanuel Hospital in Portland.  I had lots of time on my hands and it seemed a good way to use it ‘wisely.’  I even had the opportunity to research parts of the zoning proposal I was feeling fuzzy about and ‘talked’ (via email) with an expert or two.  I fine-tuned, found the perfect illustrative photo in my files, wrote a caption, and turned it all in on Saturday morning.

Matt Winters by Damian Mullinex

Imagine my surprise (as they say) when I received an email from the editor yesterday saying that there had been a mix-up and Ruth’s column was being used instead.  Mine will go in next week, he said.  When I went in to see him, a bit later, I asked him to pull the column permanently.  Depending upon how the hearing goes tomorrow night, I’ll rewrite it for next week.  Or not.

Life Lessons revisited:  #1 Never Feel Smug and #2 Think Twice about Time Sensitive Material Destined for a Weekly Paper.  Oh… and that old standby (which should probably be #1 in this household):  #3 Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch!

See you tomorrow evening at the hearing!  And do read Ruth’s column.  Far more interesting than mine would have been.

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  1. Stunned. You write a blog every day of the week. You sit in the hopsital and write caolumns about zoning ordinaces. You take care of you husband while he’s recovering. Does Sunday ever come for you? :)

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