Of Whirlwinds and Whirligigs

UWMC Ambulance

Our whirlwind began yesterday afternoon about 2:45 when Dr. R. stopped in Nyel’s room to say the UW Medical Center would review his case and would send an ambulance to Portland for him in a day or two.  It would be a hospital-to-hospital transfer.

It couldn’t have been more than five minutes later that Nyel’s nurse came in to say that Nyel had just been assigned a room at the UWMC and the ambulance was on its way!  (The updated information was right there on the computer!  Wow!)


By 3:00 it was a quick kiss farewell, belongings grabbed, and I was in our car headed for Oysterville before my night blindness could set in.  I was not even over the I-5 Vancouver bridge (we figured out later) before Nyel’s ‘ambulance’ arrived at Emanuel – a very small helicopter staffed with an EMT, a nurse, and the pilot. Nyel reported later that his six-foot-tw0-inch frame barely fit and his nose was only four inches from the ‘ceiling’;  he didn’t think it counted as his first-ever helicopter ride.  “I couldn’t even see outside.”)

By 6:10 we were having a catch-up phone chat – Nyel at the UW Medical Center; I in Oysterville.  A whirlwind three hours for sure.  Nyel had already had an x-ray (to see where the picc-line ends) and a EKG and a blood draw.  More whirlwind activity.


I spent my evening (at the earlier suggestion of Dr, God’s assistant) packing a bag for each of us – in case we need to hang around for a few days after Nyel’s discharge from the hospital.  Initially, they are poking and prodding, testing and measuring, in order to come up with their own baseline.  That process will take five days.  We really don’t know what will be next but Nyel will have clean clothes, by Godfrey Daniel!  (The washing machine and dryer went well into the night.)  And, if nothing else, I will have my eyebrow pencil this time.  (A yellow pencil with a #2 lead will do in a pinch, but it isn’t my enhancement method of choice.)

Cousin Ruth has offered me a room plus chauffeur service to and from the hospital each day!  How lucky can a girl get!  Now if I can just find the Yellow Brick Road, I’ll be on my way to the Emerald City and my very own Wizard-of-Everything…

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  1. Marion Freshley says:

    Larry and I wish Nyel the very best with his UWMC visit. For years I have heard such wonderful things about this place and know he will get the best of care and help for his heart condition. We wish you the very best too Sydney as we know this hasn’t been easy. Bless you both! Feel free to stop at our house if you need a break on your way to or from Seattle.

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