Anyone need Ford 8-N tractor parts?

Nyel and the Ford 8N

Maybe it was the gray drizzle outside our windows this morning.  Or perhaps it was my teeny-tiny bit of smugness over having most of my ‘spring cleaning’ done.  Whatever the reason, our early ayem coffee discussion turned to the garage and the perennial chaos-of-the-workbench.

Mind you, I’m not pointing fingers.  My office has its own problems.  But, apparently, we haven’t yet found the appropriate carrot or stick to inspire me sufficiently.  I really hate sorting and filing… On the other hand, when it comes to Nyel’s bailiwick, there is the annual World’s Longest Garage Sale – a great motivator.  And it’s coming right up!  May 26-29, Memorial Day Weekend might be the perfect stimulus for a bit of intensive cleanup out in the don’t-look-right-or-left area of the house.

Memorial Day in Oysterville

I’m not sure how many years it’s been since we’ve had a garage sale at the end of May.  I think that Diane Buttrell’s fabulous Memorial Day Events plus the Oysterville Community Club’s Garage Sale at the Schoolhouse have taken precedence for that particular weekend.  And that may be the case this time around, too… But, meanwhile, the next ten days seem a goodly time to work on a serious cleanup mission.

“What do you have that we should be getting rid of?” I asked hopefully.  There usually is a simple, one-word answer to that question.  “Nothing.”  I wouldn’t call it hoarding, exactly – just an ongoing precaution against needing just this or that particular item.

Imagine my surprise when the answer to my question was, “Well, there’s that bumper and also a front tire and innertube for the 8-N.  All brand new.”

Garage Workbench – A few years and layers ago!

“For the tractor?” I couldn’t hide my amazement.  Nyel sold that old 8-N years ago – to the Methodist Retreat Center.  For parts, I think.  Why he has held onto the grill and tire is beyond me.  But… I didn’t ask.  “Also, my bike.”  I definitely didn’t ask on that one.  The bike is basically pristine-out-of-the-box.  Never ridden and, with Nyel’s current health problems, not likely to be.

None of the above will be helpful to that workbench problem.  But, as they say… baby steps.  And hope springs eternal!  Maybe a Fourth of July Sale?

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