And before you know it…

Ocean Beach Hospital

Life has a way of happening to you before you really get a sense of the direction it’s taking.  You go along doing whatever needs to be done, adjusting here and adjusting there, paying your dues, cleaning up your messes, breaking new ground… and suddenly what might have been completely unheard of becomes the norm.

Take yesterday, for instance.  It was stormy. For a time, every road out of Astoria was closed with downed power lines or toppled trees.  Yet, we gave all that ‘nary a thought as we headed out to Nyel’s cardio appointment with Doctor God’s assistant at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland.  After all, commuting back and forth to the Rose City is what we do these days.  It’s been the ‘norm’ since last Christmas Eve when Nyel was taken there by ambulance – suffering, we found out, from acute congestive heart failure.

Columbia Memorial Hospital

Another thing about yesterday… we went to two other hospitals before we ever left ‘the area’ – that being the region of the Lower Columbia River.  Our first stop was in Ilwaco at Ocean Beach Hospital.  Nyel has been going there monthly, weekly, or sometimes daily for the last fifteen years or so – since he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. This past year, the blood tests have become more complex having to do with kidneys as well as his heart  and ‘everybody knows his name.’

After our stop at OBH, we headed toward the bridge, the river splashing over the rip-rap, kissing us as we passed by and then the bridge rocking and rolling with the big gusts of wind.  We more-or-less blew into Columbia Memorial Hospital but, wonder of wonders, not for a medical procedure this time.  Nyel had left his cell phone re-charger there last week when he was in the ICU for three or four days; they had saved it in the “patient lost and found.”  (I didn’t ask which usage of the word ‘patient’ was more apropos.)

Legacy Emanuel

Then on to Legacy Emanuel via U.S. 30 and I5.  Traffic moderate and moving at the speed limit.  No slow-downs or mishaps along the way.  Everybody apparently driving with due caution.  The blow-down and slashing rain were moderately scary for me and I chose to become the passenger after a pit stop in Longview.  (Nyel is always intrepid.)  We arrived at Emanuel in time for a sandwich at the Heartbeat Café and then had a long, catching-up sort of appointment with Amy, Dr. God’s assistant.  Nyel is trying to sort out who can do what for him and which doctors at which hospitals can be of greatest service and under what circumstances.

On our way home, we stopped for dinner at the Roo – another part of our ‘new normal’ it seems.  Who’d a thunk that we’d find traveling up and back to Portland on a dark and stormy day an acceptable, (nay, even a preferable) use of our time.  To say nothing of visiting several hospitals in a day, no matter what the reason. Sometimes, life just sneaks up on you!

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  1. Marion Freshley says:

    Oh boy Sydney, you two certainly did have a busy day. We think of you two often and we marvel at all you two can do in one day.

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