An Edgy Sort of Day

The sun peeked out around the edges of ominous looking clouds.  There was intermittent hail and puddle-making rain.  The temperature hovered at fifty which wasn’t too bad when the wind died down.  It felt like a typical spring day – but on the wrong end of the season.

Nevertheless, the garden called.  Actually, it was the five big bags of hemlock bark stacked on the front porch that beckoned.  For reasons yet to be determined (we’re working on it) Nyel can no longer do the heavy lifting stuff so I am getting to test my own strength and stamina.  I find that if I dredge up some of those old physics lessons – fulcrums and balancing points and, of course, the old “lift with your thighs not your back” wisdom – I can do more than I thought.

Since it was an edgy sort of day, weather-wise, I decided to work on the flower beds nearest the porch.  When the clouds couldn’t hold back their load anymore, I ducked under cover, but, in between, I got all of those 100+ pounds of bark distributed.  And, it’s looking good!!  Never mind that it’s a drop in the bucket as our garden goes.  With my usual ‘appearances are everything’ attitude, I am inordinately pleased that the view as visitors enter is lookin’ good!

But, one edge leads to another.  I am concerned about that tall, scraggly grass at the edge of the (now neat and tidy) flower beds that Nyel can’t get with the rider mower.  “Do you think I’m strong enough to manage the weed-eater?” I asked.  He looked skeptical and the discussion that followed segued into the trouble it is to start the cranky old thing.  It’s one of those pull-the-cord deals like lots of chain saws.  And it’s edgy, temperament-wise.

I think I’ll try it anyway.  It might require a different set of muscles and allow my current aches and pains to mellow out.  Besides, I’m out of bark right now… And the weatherman says the next really good day for working beyond the porch is not until Monday.  Meanwhile… I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation.  (And, if you believe that, you are on an edge of your own.)

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  1. Stephanie Frieze says:

    I am impressed, Sydney!!


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