A modicum of dignity? At our house?

Wreath from the Christmas Elf

We heard a little bit of noise on the front porch yesterday afternoon – just a quiet pitter-patter—and when I went to look, there was Martie-the-Christmas-Elf hanging the last of three gorgeous wreaths by our door.  They are beautiful and hand-made by the Elf, herself.  And, they absolutely exude Dignity with a capital D.

Imagine!  A stately approach into our house at Christmas!  For as long as I can remember (almost), the Christmas décor outside this house has consisted of swags put together each year (in the ’70s and ’80s) by my father and, since then, by Nyel.  They were also gorgeous – but not very formal.  Not quite zany, but not exactly dignified, either.

On Our Porch, 2013

This year, I enlisted Martie’s help, knowing that the swags would be a little bit beyond what Nyel could do.   First of all, when it comes to swags, is the gathering of the greens – no mean feat now that my grandfather’s woods are all gone.  As it turned out, he might have salvaged enough from the Monterey Cypress that came down in front of the Kepners’ place, but then there’s the laying out, the arranging of sprigs of holly, big sugar pine cones, and fancy red bows.  And some years, a few bells, as well. Then wire together the parts for each of the five (three for us, two for the church) and affix them to their assigned hooks.  An all-day job under the best of circumstances…

The results were somewhat different every year – each swag with its own personality, its own inimitable panache.  I loved them but, although he never said so, I think Nyel inwardly groaned when the time came.  This year, it was Martie to the rescue!  I’ve seen her wonderful handiwork at Christmases past – at her place, at the church, even at her relatives’.  And we’ve been the recipient of gorgeous wreaths from her before – the most recent being a Spring circlet of pussy willows – seasonal, whimsical, imaginative.

Christmas-ready Porch, 2017

And now – our entrance is Dignified for the season.  Sophisticated, even! Three perfect wreaths lined up in welcome.  I’m thinking it’s time to spruce up the house in a befitting manner!  Martie has set the bar high for Christmas 2017 at the old Tom Crellin House in Oysterville!

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  1. Love the varied mono colors.

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