Happy Birthday, Oysterville!

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

This 160th anniversary of Oysterville’s Founding seems a fitting time to review some of the “firsts” and landmark events that have occurred here over the years.

April 12, 1854 – R.H. Espy and I.A. Clark meet arrive for their rendezvous with Chief Klickeas

May 14, 1855 – By special election, Oysterville was made the Pacific County Seat

1856 – The Oysterville Militia organized; R. H. Espy Elected Major

April 29, 1858 – Isaac Alonzo Clark appointed first Postmaster; post office was located in his store building, the “Sperry Store”

April 2, 1860 – Oysterville plat filed by I.A. Clark

1863 – Munsey’s House (now known as The Little Red Cottage) leased for use as County meeting place

1863 – first (of three) schoolhouse built in Oysterville; soon became first in county to be supported by public funds

1864 – Oysterville Cemetery laid out on land donated by F.C. Davis

1865 – Donation Land Claims issued to I.A. Clark and to John Douglas, both in the Oysterville area

1866 – Land Patent issued to Gilbert Stevens (location of present-day schoolhouse)

1872 – Methodist Church is built

Oysterville Courthouse

First County Courthouse, Oysterville

November 7, 1874 – Master Builder John Peter Paul was allowed the sum of $1,536 in gold coin for completion of the first Pacific County Courthouse

1883 – Pacific Journal, Pacific County’s first newspaper established by Alf Bowen

1884 – half-mile long dock built at north end of town

July 16, 1890 – first and only lynching in Pacific County, at Oysterville Jail

1892 – Baptist Church is built

February 5, 1893 – “South Bend Raiders” break into courthouse and remove county records

1893-1895 – Peninsula College established in the vacated County Courthouse

1918 – Alexander Holman’s cranberry bog brought in a record 208 barrels per acre

January 29, 1921 – Methodist Church blows down

1954 – Celebration of Oysterville’s Centennial

July 4, 1976 – Oysterville place on National Register of Historic Places

2004 – Celebration of Oysterville’ Sesquicentennial

And today, April 12, 2004, we celebrate another landmark anniversary.  Come join the fun!  Festivities begin at 11:00 at the Historic Oysterville Church.

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  1. […] the high school and college spring break season has tipped us into tourist season. There had been 160th year anniversary festivities in Oysterville today as well. I’d heard that some of the regulars might come to cash mob […]

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