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If I were into augury, I could probably make something of yesterday and the many numbers it presented.  But I’m not much for omens and from my viewpoint it was just one of those days – partly interesting and partly weird.

The day actually took on its shape because of negative numbers, or at least that’s my interpretation.  We had scheduled a House Concert, sent out our usual 100-plus invitations, and heard back from our usual 50-minus potential audience members — only half of the invited guests ever respond.  Go figure.  Of those, just six people said “yes.”   Apparently there was too much other stuff happening yesterday, so we cancelled with the musicians knowing that the projected ‘gate’ would hardly pay their gas money to and from Seattle.

Long Load

Long Load

That gave us a ‘free day’ so, rather than spending our morning moving furniture and setting up the house for a concert, we took the truck to Dobby’s and rescued two more of his abandoned wooden gutters.  That makes four, thus far, and there are six more awaiting us, thanks to his neighborly generosity. That spirit of generosity extends to across-the-street neighbor Bradley as well, since his garage is the only place in town than can accommodate those 30-foot-long gutters until they dry out for painting.

Meanwhile, Bradley was planting another 2,000 bulbs.  Or maybe it was 3,000.  Whatever the number, I think his three or four-year total is approaching the 10,000 mark!  Yesterday, he was planting groups of twenty – ten white tulips and ten yellow daffodils – in the beds bordering the inside edges of his hornbeam trees.  “Since deer avoid the daffodils (they’re poisonous), they won’t bother the tulips when they are planted together,” he told me.  Great information!  I had no idea!

At the Neptune

At the Neptune

We decided to go see “Last Vegas” late in the afternoon.  Although we saw several friends emerging from the first matinee, we were the only ones in the theater for the 4:30 show… that is until just before show time when a couple came in and settled in across the aisle and one row behind us.  After a minute or two, they moved to the seats directly in front of the ones where they had been.  And after a minute or two more, they moved across the aisle to the seats directly behind us.  Directly.

Seventy seats (or so) in the theater.  Sixty-six (or so) empty. And they chose the two seats behind us – one behind Nyel and one behind me.  Now I thought that was weird.  About ten minutes and lots of rustling later – probably their popcorn bucket, though I didn’t turn around to look – we moved across the aisle to the second set of seats they had vacated.

We enjoyed the movie – probably not nearly as much as we would have enjoyed Scott Cossu and John Croarkin in concert – but it was just one of those days…

8 Responses to “The Numbers Game”

  1. Nancy says:

    Sometimes Jack and I will go to our local “movie house” during the week and we are often the first to sit down and get comfy. As start time approaches we watch the folks who enter and start their search for just the right seat…Yep, often, right in front of us when many other possibilities exist. Rather than be (?) we move ourselves. We have noticed that these folks usually have large containers of popcorn and large drinks and loud voices which they use during the movie…

  2. sydney says:

    At least in our case, the other movie duo sat behind us. But that’s really what made it so weird! Why would anyone choose to sit directly behind the only other two people in the theater. It actually felt kind of creepy.

  3. Linda J says:

    Very odd indeed. I think it would have been funny if you’d gotten up and moved directly behind them and started rustling YOUR popcorn.

  4. Skyler says:

    I would certainly be annoyed if that happened to me in an almost empty theatre…and it has.

    Am planting about 6000 bulbs this year but vastly spread out, as you know. Will have the exact figure later. Might be fewer. I have found that the tulip and narcissi combo does work, sort of, but the deer figured out my species tulips mixed with narcissi on the Bolstadt approach a few years back and carefully ate most of the tulips.

  5. sydney says:

    Yes, Bradley did specify which cultivars he was using but he seemed of the opinion that the deer were “too lazy or too dumb to pick and choose.” I wondered about that — they seem very selective in our yard and not in any hurry at all. I can imagine them spending quite a bit of time getting just the right morsels and avoiding the others!

  6. Cate Gable says:

    some people like to be cozy…..?

  7. Skyler says:

    I was inspired to go back to finish my spreadsheets and found that if we survive till the end of bulb time, we will have planted 5,513 bulbs this autumn. The odd number must account for some multiple nosed narcissi having split apart in the bag.

    I am going to write a blog entry about how I have strayed from my previous habit of planting only tasteful heirloom narcissi!

  8. […] boxes that 50 or 100 bulbs came in are very handy for detailed sorting.  Then I was inspired by an entry in Sydney Stevens’ Oysterville Daybook blog to finish the spreadsheet counting of bulbs and came up with the figure of 5,513 bulbs planted. […]

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