Making Memories in Oysterville

  The thermometer on our shady porch read a record-breaking 98º and the breeze was but an intermittent zephyr.  Still, it wasn’t the weather yesterday that was the main focus of folks with Oysterville Zip Code 98641.  The subject – or actually, subjects – under discussion revolved around our long-time postmaster and her storekeeper husband, Jean and John Smith.

Activity started early in the morning.  People came with tents and tables, with chairs and umbrellas, with tablecloths and bags of ice.  People schlepped and hauled and miraculously transformed the backyard into a gala party venue and, by noon, when the festivities were set to begin, there was a parade of food-bearing celebrants.

And what food it was!  Our houseguests from Seattle said they had never seen such potluck fare!  Oysterville potlucks are always outstanding, but people outdid themselves for this one.  There were salads of every variety – potato, pasta, fruit, tossed green, caprese.  There was a rice and shrimp casserole.  There were breads and muffins and cinnamon rolls and cookies.  There were pies and cakes and every manner of soft drinks and wines and beers.

People said there were more than a hundred celebrants here during the course of the day, though no one thought to do a head count.  We were all too busy visiting and wishing our guests of honor well.  Jean had arrived in a fancy party hat and we had a crown ready for John.  He took it off for some of the photos, but mostly wore it on top of his floppy sunhat which was a great look and definitely a new fashion statement.

The Honorary Oysterville Militia members gathered at the height of festivities and fired the cannon in Jean and John’s honor.  The cannon has been known to misfire on the first try, but not yesterday.  The bang was loud enough to notify anyone within zip code range, and probably beyond, that there was a party going on!  It was certainly a day to remember!

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